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The Ethics of Nature: Marx's Ecological Thought and Its Contemporary Value

The Ethics of Nature: Marx's Ecological Thought and Its Contemporary Value

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  1. Marx’s Ecological Thought and Nature:
    • The book analyzes Marx’s conception of nature, emphasizing the ethical aspects embedded within it.
    • It bridges the gap between studying Marx’s conception of nature and exploring eco-ethics.
    • Rather than constructing a comprehensive eco-ethics system (which Marx did not explicitly create), the book focuses on refining ecological ethical thoughts present in his work.
    • The goal is to better reflect Marx’s ethical concern for nature in his ecological thought.
  2. Ethical Implications of Marx’s Ecological Thought:
    • The book highlights several ethical points derived from Marx’s ecological perspective:
      • Human Subjectivity and Practice: The principles of human subjectivity and practical engagement are inherent in natural productive forces.
      • Technology: Technology plays a dual role—it both cuts off material transformations and is essential for the continuous evolution of civilization.
      • Ethical Deficits: The book explores ethical “cracks” related to nature, institutions, and society.
      • Ecological Symbiosis: Ecological symbiosis fosters justice.
      • Decolonizing Global Justice: Achieving ethical goals related to global justice.
      • “Sustainable Development”: The concept of sustainable development represents the ethical best of ecological justice.
  3. Social Conditions for Ecological Civilization Construction:
    • The book proposes the necessary conditions for building ecological civilization today: 
      • Institutional Conditions: High degrees of democracy and orderly competition.
      • Cultural Conditions: Pluralistic collision, integration, and tolerance.
      • Technological Conditions: Led by advanced political consciousness.
  4. Marx’s Legacy:

The author emphasizes that our age cannot ignore Marx’s legacy.

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