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Make Mt. Everest like PERSONAL Challenges Into Your Stepping Stones

Make Mt. Everest like PERSONAL Challenges Into Your Stepping Stones

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If you have challenges in your Personal life that seem as daunting as climbing Mt Everest, then this trilogy series of books on PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL and BUSINESS is for you. 

The series will provide you with proven traditional and AI tools and a measurable step-by-step method that will help you overcome your challenges. By following the path and tools provided, you will be pleased or even amazed with the results that helped you Summit your personal demons and naysayers.

This is the Personal book in the trilogy series of Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligence. Everything in life starts with you and ends with you. This book provides you with the steps needed to help you succeed in your formative and personal journey.

Discover the number of steps to overcome any of your mountainous challenges from the day you were born. The second book provides steps to overcome your educational mountainous climb. The third book in this trilogy is about overcoming mountainous business challenges.

This book is for parents, grandparents and friends who want to know what are the 6 gifts that you can give to your child or grandchild for their lifelong success. Formulas and pathways are provided that will enable a parental Sherpa ( Someone who can help you to carry the load and guidance to a summit) to know what and how many steps it will take to complete a task.

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