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Drum Towers and Roofed Bridges

Drum Towers and Roofed Bridges

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Shi Kaizhong, of Dong ethnicity, is the former dean of the School of Ethnology and Sociology of Guizhou Minzu University, a professor, and a doctoral supervisor.

Roofed Bridge is a combination of landscape and practical bridge integrating porch, pavilion, tower and pavilion. It has a high research value in China's wooden architecture. Drum tower can be seen in Han, Miao and Dong architecture, which is particularly characteristic of the Dong Drum Tower.

This book chooses over 100 images and then, with clear language, thoroughly, methodically, and creatively describes the geography, history, and culture, as well as the structure layout of drum towers and roofed bridges. It goes to appreciate and explore the development of the architectural forms of Dong roofed bridges and drum towers from the meanings, types, and architectural features of drum towers and bridges, the construction process, and the symbols and identities of drum towers and bridges, with the pictures serving as the main focus and the explanation text serving as the supplement.

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