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Automatic Reduction of BIG DATA overload into bite size Personal Information

Automatic Reduction of BIG DATA overload into bite size Personal Information

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Personal Data/Information overload and How to handle the onslaught

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share, some of my experiences in developing Artificial Intelligence, DATA reduction for Personalize Gamification of ANY content, in DYNAMIC Real-time, and Knowledge Acquisition, and the future direction of AI, with blockchain, Data into Knowledge, monetization, using an AI Knowledge Generator Avatars. 

When I started to develop, ACCELERATED LEARNING methodology technology and used AI as an explanation of “microSelf-Learning & Self-Testing in Dynamic real-time,” people’s eyes would roll-up in disbelief. Thanks to Hollywood the mention of AI has changed this disbelief - into excitement. Now investors, businesses and educators are rushing to embrace a new love for AI.

Just the name Artificial Intelligence has become the sizzle, that is served on a platform of consumer APPs, to whet the appetites, of hungry shoppers, that gorge themselves, on the latest time saving or consuming products that can entertain, engage and increase their social connectivity.

What is the future of AI and Personal Data reduction? To see the future we must look at these 7 points-  

  • Our Beginnings,
  • Our Needs,
  • Visionary research,
  • Future Imaginations
  • Data and information
  • Knowledge – what does that give you 
  • The Solution– To create a Knowledge Generator, that provides a PERSONAL bridge, between global Exabytes of Data, to Personal Kilobytes of Data consumption that enable people to manage and learn 32% better, read a book in 1 week, create an essay in 1 hour, learn 1000 new words a week with 80% plus retention in DYNAMIC real-time with no teacher or LMS designer involved
  • Future Education and Blockchain - In conclusion,
    • WHO would like Artificial Intelligence tools to; READ a book in 1 day, create an ESSAY in 1 hour and learn 1000 new WORDS in 1 week with 80% retention and have more confidence and fun over traditional learning methods?” 
  • Please connect, follow, lead and get my book “Make Mt. Everest, Your Stepping Stone, with Artificial Intelligence 

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