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"Climb for Hope" Mount Everest Expedition for Sarah

"Climb for Hope" Mount Everest Expedition for Sarah

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A Gold Award Winning Video: A father’s quest to find the cause and a cure for his baby daughter began when he read a newspaper article that described Sarah’s Rett symptoms which was confirmed by Dr. Andreas Rett. It was good news and bad news moments. The good news was that he now knew that what afflicted his daughter, who was born healthy, was a genetic disorder. The bad news, the doctors did not know what caused it. Erwin organized an Mt. Everest “Climb for Hope” expedition for Sarah. After 18 years with Xerox, he resigned and enlisted the support of the Canada-China Friendship Association, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, Sir Edmund Hillary, the Russian President’s wife, Mrs. Raisa Gorbacheva, the Prime Minister of Canada’s wife, Mrs. Mila Mulroney, along with numerous celebrities and thousands of volunteers to help in his efforts.  His journey took him through Peru, Russia, Tajikistan, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Nepal, and Tibet in his quest to raise International awareness and $3 Million. It was a quest to unlock the prison that had inflicted his daughter with Rett Syndrome. He did not expect resistance from the very parents he was trying to help and major sponsorship cancellations that threatened to end his journey, matrimonial trauma, financial ruins, climbing injuries and devastating weather. The CFH mission became so big that it was impossible to manage. Can he keep going to raise funds and awareness, train, organize and bring it all together to get to Qhomolungma - Mt. Everest? - The background story of this event can be read in the  "Three Pillars of Love" trilogy books.

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