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Theory on Ecological Civilization Based on China’s Experience

Theory on Ecological Civilization Based on China’s Experience

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In Theory on Ecological Civilization Based on China s Experience, Prof. Song Yuqin from Peking University provides an in-depth illustration of ecological civilization in China. As one of the most important scholars of the ecological civilization construction in China, the author probes deeply into the historical inevitability of building an ecologically civilized society and demonstrates the necessity, urgency, and challenges of carrying out ecological civilization construction in China, upon reviewing the relevant theories of ecological civilization. A unique effort has also been made to introduce the ecological civilization concepts and practices in ancient China and in Chinese ethnic regions. The path to urban and rural ecological civilization construction and the guiding role of culture and environmental awareness are fully discussed in the book. By combining theory with practice, history with reality, nature with human society, and macro and micro-perspectives, this book gives readers a great access to the concepts, goals and current practices in China's ecological civilization construction. Since its first publication, this book has become a great success and has won several best-seller awards in China. It is definitely a top pick for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of today's China and its ecological civilization construction

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