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The Second Pillar of Love - Teresa and the Unknown

The Second Pillar of Love - Teresa and the Unknown

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It was time for high altitude training. Can Erwin get the funds and support to climb the highest mountain in the USSR and Europe? Who can help? He enlists the support of the Canadian government and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife, Raisa Gorbacheva, who assists Erwin’s team by providing a police escort and helicopter ride to Peak Communism base camp to summit its (7,495 m) 24589 feet.

Erwin and his team were returning from their first successful high altitude effort in Europe when he was introduced to Teresa. From a casual encounter to a torrential storm of emotion, love, heartaches and adventure, the interlude pitted a resolve to make Erwin’s vision a reality against love so strong that he could not go on. Does a warrior leave the field of battle to go home without a fight? Would abandonment of your goal hollow out your soul? What about the subsequent encounter of purpose? Erwin was torn between unfettered love for his daughter and Teresa. Does he give up his quest or keep going and lose everything?

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