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Some Travels in Hubei

Some Travels in Hubei

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“Some Travels in Hubei” is mainly about Rewi Alley's travel notes and descriptions for Hubei's history, economy, culture and politics. It records in detail what Mr. Alley saw and heard during his visit to Hubei's cities and villages in 1963 and in the 1980s. The contents possess historical value in the research of Hubei. Since the revolutionary ranks in Hubei 30 years ago were closely related to the political situation at that time, Mr. Alley visited the local people in depth to obtain relevant information and recorded the hard work of Hubei people since the founding of the People's Republic of China, their wisdom in food production, water conservancy construction, industry and land reclamation.

Professor Zhao Changhan (Ph. D),  the translator of the book. He is the postgraduate tutor & professor and used to be a visiting scholar in US for over six months.  His research includes second language acquisition, language testing, translation, principles of pedagogy. He has published 3 academic books, three translated books, more than thirty academic articles.

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